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"Contribuției Elvețiene pentru Uniunea Europeană Extinsă"
Drumul Gilaului 5N, sector 4, Bucuresti        Tel: +4 021.460.34.40      Fax: +4 021.460.07.25
Institutul de Cercetare si Dezvoltare pentru Industrializarea si Marketingul Produselor Horticole "HORTING"
Institutul de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru Valorificare şi Marketingul Produselor Horticole – HORTING – Coordonatorul proiectului (

Horting Institute has qualified research personal (Ph.D.) in the fields of horticulture, food industry, biochemistry and mechanical engineering. In the past five years, the researchers have participated at the development of internal and international activities, in projects as team members or project managers. Today they are active in five specialized laboratories and three pilot stations: Research Laboratory for fresh horticultural products; Laboratory for Chemical and Biochemical analysis – RENAR accreditation; the first Aquaponic Pilot plant in Romania; Research Laboratory for Industrial products and Pilot station for industrial products; Laboratory for Protected crops and Pilot station  (micro-greenhouse) for protected crops; Marketing Laboratory.

Zuercher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW) din Elvetia – partener in proiect (;

ZHAW is a centre for education, applied research and know-how transfer, with about 7'400 Students. The ZHAW now comprises eight Schools, covering architecture and civil engineering, natural sciences and technology, language and communication, psychology, health and social work, and business and management. This range of specialised fields allows the multidisciplinary ZHAW to foster interdisciplinary synergies that generate a wealth of positive impulses for both teaching and research.

The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR) offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree programs specialising in Nature Management, Renewable resources, Environmental Education and Urban Agriculture. IUNR emphasizes the interdisciplinary approach to the applied research on the sustainable use of natural resources in both urban and rural areas. Since more than 20 years IUNR offers continuing vocational education in “green jobs”, notably Aquaculture, nature gardening, Swimming ponds construction, and Green care.

The Ecotechnology group has established itself as one of Europe’s foremost authorities on the implementation of Aquaponic systems. It combines expertise in the fields of education, ecology, horticulture and aquaculture. Closing water, nutrient and energy cycles by on-site fish and vegetable production is one of the central themes of R&D of the Ecotechnology group. Also, it is the only research institution in Switzerland working on fish production.

Societatea Ecologica pentru Studierea si Protejarea Faunei si Florei Salbatice Aquaterra (AQUATERRA) (

“AQUATERRA” Ecological Society is a non-governmental organization with the following aims:

1. Conservation of biological diversity by surveys of important faunistic and floristic area in Romania, monitoring of rare and endangered species of plants and animals (especially aquatic organisms), ecological education of the population regarding the importance of these activities and the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

2. Breeding of rare and endangered species of animals (especially fish) in specially designed breeding facilities with the aim of repopulating natural habitats and reconstruction of degraded ones.

3. Creating improved fish races for the economically important species in order to reduce stress on natural populations and to improve economic viability.

4. Optimization of intensive aquaculture processes and production in the climatic conditions of Romania by developing new feeding devices, new feed compositions and improved aquaculture installations and equipment.

5. Consulting, scientific studies and evaluation of anthropogenic impact on natural systems, habitats and species of national, European or international interest.
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