The Research and Development Institute for Industrialization and Marketing of Horticultural Products has a rich and prestigious research activity in vegetable and fruit’s valorization domain and crops in greenhouses.

In 1937 it was established the compartment for storage and processing of horticultural products within the Agronomic Research Institute of Romania - ICAR, led by I.F. Radu, which gave a new impulse to the activity.

There have apearred a number of scientifical works such as "Research regarding the storage of several varieties of apples" by G. Miron (1938) and "Fruit’s storage in semi-undergrounded cellars" by the same author (1938), then the "Picking and keeping the fruits over the winter " T. Bordeianu (1939), followed by the "Temporary storage of fruits and vegetables"  by I.F. Radu (1940) and the "Preserving the vegetables and greens" by T.  Bordeianu (1942). A great theoretical and practical importance had the book "Industrialization of Horticultural Products", by the authors I.F. Radu and T.  Bordeianu (1946), 332 pages.

In 1967 was founded the Research and Design Institute for Valorization and Industrialization of Vegetables and Fruits (ICPVILF), located in Berceni- Bucharest and since 1980 started the activity of the administrative office and laboratories of the institute. The duties of ICPVILF regarding the research, set since from the start, were complex and their results immediately desired to be applied in the  future projects, which we can mention:

- establishing the technology for sorting, calibration, packaging and transport of horticultural products;

- establishing the technology for storage of fresh vegetables, fruits and table grapes in different environmental conditions and types of deposits etc.;

- establishing of a new technological processes for extending the assortment of semi-industrialized products: dehydrated, fermented, various processed and quality improvement;

- research regarding the organization of  the storage system for keeping the horticultural products and commercialization units, at worldwide technique’s level;

- study regarding the organization and economical valorization of  the horticultural products;

- study of mechanization and automation of technological processes for storage and valorization of vegetables, potatoes, fruits and table grapes;

- study of diseases and physiological disturbances manifested during storage and valorization of horticultural products, preventing and combating them;

- study of raw material’s quality for processing and quality of finished products.

The results of the research conducted during 1967-1990 were published in 20 volumes of "Scientific papers", published annually in a series of publications entitled "Technical guidance", improved during completing the research in appeared topics. These publications - 61 numbers - were printed in hundred copies and sent immediately to the companies for vegetables and fruits (I.L.F.),  in order to introduce the results in practice.

In March, 1990 it took place a first reorganization of the Institute of Research and Design for Valorization and Industrialization of Vegetables and Fruits. By Ministerial Order no. 45 from 1990, march 20th, the institution has been subordinated to the General Economic Directorate of Horticulture within the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and since this time the Institute received the title of Research  and Development Institute for Valorization of Horticultural Products.

In 1991,  through the Government Decision no. 300 from  April, 24th, the organization form of the institute was established as "Independent Administration" subordinated to the  Ministry of Agriculture and named "Research and Development Institute for Valorization of Horticultural Products - RA". The complex activity of the institute was concretized in scientific research, design and technological engineering, industrial canned micro-production, natural juices and soft drinks, storage of horticultural fresh products,  production of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses, dendrological production and activities of landscaping architecture.

As a necessity of adaptation to the social and economic requirements of the transition period, the institute’s leadership has developed the necessary legal documentation and by Government Decision no. 620 from 1998, October 1st the institute was reorganized, resulting by dissociating two units: SC Berser S.A., a specialized enterprise in production and marketing of vegetables produced in greenhouses and  respectively,  Research and Development Institute for Industrialization and Marketing of Horticultural Products – Horting, as public institution funded from own sources, with legal personality, subordinated to ASAS. Mission of ICDIMPH – Horting, since  the establishing, it was to develope the knowledge in horticulture, to promote a sustainable and viable agriculture in economic manner , to ensure the food security through research and specialized services of the highest professional level.

In 2008, ICDIMPH - Horting has been accredited to conduct the research and development activities financed from public funds, in accordance with Government Decision 551/2007 and ANCS Decision No. 9634/2008.

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Institutul de Cercetare si Dezvoltare pentru Industrializarea si Marketingul Produselor Horticole "HORTING"