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The Institute of Research and Development for Industrialization and Marketing of Horticultural Products
Institute’s  mission is to conduct the scientific research activities (basic and applied), innovation in the processing and storage of vegetables and fruits, vegetables culture in greenhouses and horticultural products marketing.

Also, the institute develops the design technologies for processing, storage of horticultural products, production of crops in protected areas, technical assistance and installation projects for machinery and technical equipment, for investments in competence domanin. All these activities are conducted in the context of Romania's policies within the horticulture’s field, harmonized with the European Union politicies.

Horting’s activities have the following objectives:

- Research and development processes, preparation and storage technologies on long and short term of fresh vegetables and fruits;

- Research and development processes and processing technologies of horticultural products (canned products, jams, juices and soft drinks, dehydrated and frozen products);

- Research and development processes and technologies  for obtaining the grafted seedlings of melons, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers and culture technologies of this in protected area and field;

- Research and development of processes and culture technologies for aquaponic field;

- Biochemical analyzes for horticultural products and analytical methods development ;

- Technological engineering projects, upgrades and new investments in horticultural field;

- Technological transfer and technical assistance given to producers and processors from the horticultural field;

- Technological norms and standards for fresh and processed horticultural products.